In-Wall mount for Squeezebox

I am currently busy with the renovation of a house I bought in Belgium. My renovation project can be followed here.
I was really amazed by the features of the squeezebox, except for 1 thing...the mounting, or lack of, option. I therefor tried to create my own one...

Below you can find the steps I took.

In Belgium we have 3 major players when it comes to electrical household components, namely Niko, Bticino and Legrand.

My preference went to the Mosaic 45 line of Legrand.
To create the in-wall system I used a standard 6 module (1 module=22.5mm) wide coverplate, wall mounting box and frame from Legrand.

The advantage of this setup is that I can place such a module in each room and fit them with blind plates until
I have raised the money to buy extra squeezeboxes...until then the room still looks nice without cables comming out of the wall ;)
An example of such a blind plate can be seen here. To cover the complete hole, you need 3 of them.

Any comments can be sent to linuxtuxie at

Below you find my shopping list...

Legrand Mosaic 45 metal frame 748 061Yes
Legrand Mosaic 45 coverplate white (RAL 9010) 750 141Yes
Legrand Superbox 891 271Optional
Legrand Batik box 892 613Optional
Legrand blind plate 743 923Optional
M3 x 30mm bolt2Yes
M3 nut4Yes